Microsoft Teams Phone System

Make and receive external phone calls in Microsoft Teams. Choose from either Direct Routing or Calling Plans depending on your needs. We’ve broken down the two options below, simply click on the one you’re interested in to find out more.

Microsoft Teams Phone System - External Calling For Teams

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Microsoft Direct Routing Features List

Microsoft Direct Routing

Direct Routing enables you to use your existing phone numbers with Microsoft Teams Phone System for a complete telephony solution.


Connect your existing telecom provider to Teams Phone System for fully featured calling.


Use your existing phone numbers without the need to port them to Microsoft.


Retain analogue devices such as fax, franking, lift phones and chip & pin readers.


       Keep control of your calling tariffs and move telecom providers whenever need to.

Microsoft Calling Plans Features List

Microsoft Calling Plans

Calling Plans provide you with a phone number and let you make & receive phone calls in Teams. Calling Plans provide a set amount of monthly minutes for a fixed cost.


Let Microsoft be your phone system provider, with a range of fixed cost, monthly minute bundles.


Available in almost all countries globally, localised connectivity for dispersed workforce’s.


Order & manage user telephone numbers directly in the Teams Admin Centre within Office 365.


Reassign Calling Plan licenses to different users on an ad-hoc basis, as and when you need too. 

What Is Phone System?

Microsoft Teams Phone System, What Is It?

Phone System enables call control and PBX (Private Branch Exchange) capabilities fully in the cloud with Microsoft Teams.

With Phone System, users can utilise Teams to place and receive calls, transfer calls, and mute or unmute calls both internally and to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Phone System users can click a name in their address book and place Teams calls to that person. To place and receive calls, users can simply use the dedicated Teams app on their mobile devices, a headset with a laptop or PC, or one of many certified IP phones that work with Teams. Administrators can manage calling options and settings from the Teams Admin Centre, the same console used for messaging, collaboration and so on.


Can’t Decide Which One?

Calling Plans or Direct Routing

Not sure if either Calling Plans or Direct Routing are the right Teams Phone System choice for you? Depending on your size organisation or technical requirements, it can be a tricky choice.

That’s why we’ve put together our Calling Plans or Direct Routing brochure, offering clear advice that compares the two offerings. Simply enter your email address in the box below to recieve your copy.

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