Licensing… Confused? We Can Help.

The Microsoft Teams licensing minefield, can be a tricky one to navigate. With Teams being available in all major Office 365 plans, we thought that breaking down the options would help.

After all, as a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner, we know a thing or two about licensing. Scroll down and find out what licensing combination fits you best.

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 Business Voice Plans


Business Voice User

What does the Business Voice license include?

Business Voice provides each user with the ability make and receive external phone calls. It provides 1,200 outbound calling minutes per month to UK destinations. This is like a pay as you go mobile phone, each time you make a call, the time is deducted from your minute allowance. 

Business Voice also includes audio conferencing. This feature adds a telephone number to Outlook meeting invitations when you click the “Teams Meeting” button. This telephone number allows participants to dial into a conference using a conference ID, as opposed to needing a computer.

Business Voice is available in two flavours, both with and without a calling plan. If you intended on using Direct Routing to keep your existing telephone carrier, Business Voice is still a great choice.

Phone System Plans


What does the Phone System license include?

Phone System is an add-on license for Microsoft Teams and unlocks it’s voice features. This is commonly referred to as a base license, it unlocks voice functionality but does not provide any external voice calling. 

External calling with a Phone System license can be achieved through either Direct Routing or adding a domestic/international Calling Plan. Adding a Calling Plan to the Phone System license, incurs an additional monthly cost for either 120 or 2,500 outbound minutes.

Unlike Business Voice, the Phone System license does not carry a three hundred user cap. Phone System can only be used with Office 365 Enterprise Plans such as E1 and E3, it is included as standard with E5 licenses.


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Calling Plans or Direct Routing?


Calling Plans or Direct Routing

Not sure if either Calling Plans or Direct Routing are the right choice for you? Depending on your size organisation or technical requirements, Teams licensing can be a tricky choice.

That’s why we’ve put together our Calling Plans or Direct Routing brochure, offering clear advice that compares the two offerings. Simply enter your email address in the box below to receive your copy.