Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Our hosted Direct Routing service provides high capacity and bespoke Phone System functionality for Microsoft Teams . We provide a complete Phone System configuration service, including Office 365 licensing, hosted Session Border Controllers and SIP Trunking.

Our pricing plans are simple. The higher the plan, the more concurrent external calls you can have. Take a look at our sections below to find out what you’ll need to add external calling to Microsoft Teams.

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What Is Direct Routing?


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Direct Routing provides the ability to make and receive external phone calls from your Microsoft Teams client. This also provides you with a Direct Dialling number that you can be called on by external parties and it also allows you call landlines, mobile and international numbers. Direct Routing is one of two methods you can use to add external calling to Teams, to find out more about Direct Routing and Calling Plans, see our feature comparison.

The main benefit of Direct Routing is that you can retain any existing existing phone numbers and Public Switch Telephony Network (PSTN) connectivity you may already have. Direct Routing also provides a number of key benefits, such as price flexibility, enhanced business continuity and analogue device support.


How Does It Work?


Direct Routing works by connecting your Microsoft Office 365 tenant to a Session Border Controller. This acts as an intermediate piece of software between Microsoft Teams and the Public Switch Telephone Network. It’s responsibility is to accept phone calls from the PSTN and send them to Microsoft Teams. 

We provide certified AudioCodes hosted Session Border Controllers for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, which are hosted in Microsoft Azure. We can connect your existing PSTN connectivity to our Session Border Controllers or provision new connectivity for you. In both cases, your existing telephone numbers can be retained, to find out more on how you can achieve this, check out our connectivity options.

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Phone System Licensing


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The foundation of Microsoft Teams with Phone System is an Office 365 subscription. You can have any Office 365 plan from Business Essentials all the way through to an Enterprise E5.

To unlock the Teams Phone System functionality, you’ll need an add-on license for your Office 365 subscription. Depending on the Office 365 plan you have, there’s a few licensing options available. We’ve summarised these options to provide a clear view on what you have to choose from, which can be found on our Microsoft Teams Licensing page.

As a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) we can provide advice and procurement of any licensing you may require for Office 365 or Microsoft Teams with Phone System.

Session Border Controller


In order to use Direct Routing you need a Session Border Controller (SBC). An SBC acts as a junction point between a telephony carrier and Microsoft Teams with Phone System.

We provide AudioCodes hosted SBC’s for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. Our plans allow you choose the amount of current calls you need and include setup in your Office 365 tenant along with ongoing technical support.

As opposed to running a Session Border Controller in your own organisation, our hosted Direct Routing offering takes away the configuration, support & maintenance headache.

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SIP Trunking


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In order for you to be able to make and receive calls to external telephone numbers, you need a SIP trunk. A SIP Trunk is essentially a telephone line, the more concurrent calls you make, the more channels your SIP Trunk requires. If you already have a SIP Trunk, we can use this with our hosted Direct Routing solution.

The SIP Trunk connects to the hosted AudioCodes Session Border Controller, which then passes phone calls to Microsoft Teams. This completes the chain of technology needed when delivering external calling via Direct Routing.

At Siplifi we provide our own cost effective SIP Trunk services specifically for Microsoft Teams. We provide a range of SIP Trunk bundles, containing inclusive minutes, call reporting and flexible pricing.

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