SIP Channels From Just £1.99 Per Month

We provide SIP Trunk connectivity for both Microsoft Teams and traditional phone systems. If you’re looking for an affordable SIP Trunking solution, providing a range of included features, scroll down for more information.

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Why Use Our SIP Trunks?

If you use Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing or even run your own on-premise PBX, our SIP Trunks connect you the outside world. Through our scalable and robust SIP architecture you can make and recieve calls to the public telephone network.

SIP Trunks with no setup fee.

No Setup Fee

Wondering why you’re being charged hundred of pounds to setup a SIP Trunk by other providers? We’re wondering that too. Our SIP Trunks don’t carry any setup fee for channels or direct dialling numbers.

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Quick Provisioning

We can configure your SIP trunk in a matter of minutes. In fact, if you’re familiar with SIP Trunks our user friendly portal gives you access to setup more channels, incoming numbers and minutes.

A phone describing 0300 and 0845 number services.

Number Flexibilty

Whether you need geographic, non geographic or premium rate numbers, we can offer them all directly from our portal. From 0300 to 0845, we can deliver these numbers in their native form to your SIP Trunk, no silly translations required.

A piggy bank showing no fixed contacts for SIP Trunks.

No Fixed Contracts

At Siplifi, our SIP Trunks are billed on a per month basis with no fixed term contract. With our pay as you go model, if you need to cancel after a month, no problem. We also provide the ability to add telephone numbers or SIP channels for short time periods to meet your needs.

SIP Trunk Features

Our SIP Trunks include some great features as standard, many of which other providers charge for as optional extras.

A graph showing SIP Trunk call reporting.

Call Statistics

We include call statistics with all our SIP Trunks. If you need to know who placed a call, to which destination, the time or date and even the call flow itself, it can be easily search in our portal.

An image showing cost transactions for SIP Trunks.

Live Transactions

Need to keep tabs on what you’re spending? Our portal provides live call costs transactions and the ability to apply call limits and more. You can keep completely up to date with call costs.

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Call Bundles

We provide a series of call bundles at fixed monthly costs. Choose from 500, 1000 or 2000 UK minutes a month. Our call costs are just 1.3p per minute to landlines and 3p to mobiles.

How Does It Work?

Getting up and running with our SIP Trunk services is simple. Once you access our portal, configuring your trunk, channels and direct dialling numbers is easy.

Get in touch with Siplifi and order your SIP Trunk. It only take a few minutes for us to setup your account and you’ll be right over to step two.

Login to our portal & easily add inbound numbers, calling bundles and point your SIP Trunk at your PBX. You can even port existing numbers to us as well.

Enjoy making inbound and outbound calls via our service. If you need any support with your configuration, you can get in touch with our UK based support team.

Need A SIP Trunk?

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, feature rich SIP Trunk package, get in touch with us using the form below and we’ll help you get going.

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