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Move-CsUser: HostedMigration Fault: Error=(511)

Jul 6, 2020 | Microsoft Teams


When migrating user accounts from Skype for Business on-premises to Microsoft Teams, several factors need to be catered for. One of which is product licensing and when migrating accounts to Teams we often see error “Move-CsUser: HostedMigration Fault: Error=(511)“. This particular error occurs when running the Move-CsUser command from a Skype for Business Management Shell. Upon doing so the following error may occur:

Move-CsUser: HostedMigration Fault: Error=(511), Description=(The user could not be moved because he or she is enabled for dial-in conferencing on-premises, but has not been assigned an Audio Conferencing license in Office 365. Users must be licensed before they can be moved to Teams or Skype for Business Online.)

Move-CsUser: HostedMigration Fault: Error=(511)

This error implies that the user account in Office 365 needs to have an Audio Conferencing license assigned. As the majority of Office 365 subscriptions do not contain the Audio Conferencing license as standard, we need to be able to move the account without incurring a cost. In order to perform this we can use a specific PowerShell switch as a part of the Move-CsUser called BypassAudioConferencingCheck. Microsoft provide a good explanation of this switch and some notable requirements around the versions of Skype for Business that are supported for it’s use.

By default, if the on-premise user is configured for dial in conferencing, moving the user to Office 365 will provision the user for Audio Conferencing, for an additional license is required. If you want to move such a user to Office 365 but do not want to configure them for Audio Conferencing, specify this switch to by-pass the license check. This parameter is only available with Skype for Business Server 2019 and CU8 for Skype for Business Server 2015.


With the BypassAudioConferencingCheck option available, we can simply add this switch to the end of the Move-CsUser command that was causing the issue. For example the following command would be executed:

Move-CsUser -Identity sip:[email protected] -Target -MoveToTeams -Credential $cred -BypassAudioConferencingCheck

Once the above command is executed the account will move correctly to Teams. If you’re stuck with this issue or looking for assistance with your migration, we can quickly and efficiently get you where you need to be. Our consultancy services provide a range of options to assist or accelerate your migration to Microsoft Teams. We hope this article has helped resolve your Move-CsUser: HostedMigration Fault: Error=(511) issue.